Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Tutorial - Faux Perforated Postage Stamp

 Stamps...who would ever have thought that an everyday item like a postage stamp, which was never given a second thought before now, would become such sought after scrapbooking trend. These are especially popular with those scrappers who favour the steampunk style. I'd like to share a little trick with you today on how to make your own faux postage stamps using images from your favourite patterned papers.

Clipart image or patterned paper image
Eyelet tool
Step One: Print a clipart image on some cardstock or alternatively cut an image from a piece of your favourite patterned paper. I used an image from some Graphic45 paper.
Step Two: Turn your image over onto the back side and draw some lines the depth you'd like your faux perforated edges to be.
Step Three: Using your eyelet tool punch half the diameter of your tool along the edges using your drawn lines as a guide. Remember to keep even spaces between each notch.
Step Four: Do this all the way around all four sides and then turn your image right side over.

I chose to ink the edges of my faux postage stamp with some vintage photo distress ink and then cover it with a couple of layers of beeswax to add to the vintage look. I used my stamp on an steampunk style ATC but these will make a perfect addition to any crafting project. The best part is that you get to choose your own image and size stamp.