Friday, October 7, 2011

Tutorial - Chipboard Flaking

We spend a lot of time thinking of new ways to alter the tops of our chipboard pieces to make them pretty and unique, but have you considered using the base of your chipboard to alter your piece completely? I’d like to share a little trick called flaking your chipboard to add a special touch to your chipboard pieces. This mini tutorial was featured in the July copy of Scrapbook News and Review magazine

•Embossing powder

Step One: Place your chipboard onto your non-stick craft mat. My piece had smaller components to it which I removed. I'll replace them again at the end.
Step Two: Emboss your chipboard with UTEE.
Step Three: Flake your chipboard by creating layers with your craft knife. Cut a small slit into your chipboard base and then pull the layer back. I only wanted the very edges of my angel wings flaked, so I only pulled the layers back a short distance.
Step Four: Paint the flaked layers with a complementary color to your embossed surface. I used bronze acrylic ink by Liquitex. Add the smaller components which you've painted back into your piece and you're done.

The design of your chipboard piece will determine if this technique will look good or not. Obviously it can't be done to just any chipboard design. This is also a great technique to add a distressed look to your piece. Consider what your piece would like finished before starting.

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  1. As always you blow me out of my self. This is super. I will try it. Wish me luck!!!!