Saturday, July 30, 2011

Tutorial - Paper Doll

Finding unique ways to use patterned papers can be a real challenge so I was delighted when a very dear friend of mine, Lisa Valentine, showed me this fabulous little trick. This is going to make you look at your patterned papers in a whole new light. For those of you with dress making experience, this will be a unique way to put those skills to use.

Copy paper
Patterned paper
Glitter glue
Step One: Gather all your supplies. Draw an image of a female silhouette on some copy paper with a marker. Add some dress and hat details. Remember to keep the design simple because you have to be able to cut your patterned papers to the design.
Step Two: Cut your design into pattern pieces as shown.
Step Three: Use these pieces as you would a cloths pattern. Place each piece on your selected patterned paper and trace and cut the exact shape. Use a variety of patterned papers to add interest to your design.
Step Four: Rearrange your newly cut pattern pieces on a piece of cardstock and paste each piece down.
Step Five: Trace the outline of your design with some stickles or glitter glue to add definition. This will also help hide any imperfections in the lining up of your pattern pieces.
Step Six: Once the stickles has dried, embellish your dress design with some pearl flourishes and flowers.

You now have a beautiful and unique embellishment to add to your layout or card. If you ever day dreamed about being a fashion designer one day, now's the perfect time to bring those great designs to life.


  1. Beautiful! I am currently taking the She Art class, but also purchased a fab book called Couture collage!! It's all about fashion!! Love your doll, and love your LO!!

  2. I am going to try these lady next weekend....hopefully it will work not as beautiful as yours...but so. Jajaja. As always, you have super duper things to learn and incorporate, God bless you Wendy..and your amazing talent.