Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Tutorial ~ Vintage Pretties

This is a variation of the Anglaise Pretties tutorial I did for the May issue of SNR. I absolutely love making my own flowers and often struggle deciding between fabrics and lace or paper for my creations so I decided to mix the two together and create something completely new using the Donna Salazar Antiquities collection which just oozes vintage charm.

Patterned papers
Donna Salazar Rose Creation die cut
Anglaise lace
Needle and thread
Hot glue gun

Step One: Using the Donna Salazar Rose Creation dies, cut two sets of the size #1 to #5 petals. You do not need the largest set of petals (#6). For more interest cut each set in contrasting colours so that you have layers of contrast as you construct your paper flower. Ink the petal edges with some Vintage Photo distress ink for a more finished look.

Step Two: Starting with your smallest petals (#1) and using the handle of a thin paint brush, wrap the petals around the tip of the paint brush handle as shown. Scrunch the petals closely around the handle. Add a little liquid adhesive to the second small petal in your contrasting paper and layer that over the first flower. Now do the same to for your #2 petals and the first of you #3 petals. You will now have five layers all scrunched up around each other to form your rose bud flower centre.

Step Three: For the next layer, curl the petals of your second #3 petals inwards to form a cup like shape. Add a small amount of liquid adhesive to the centre of the petals and glue your rose bud centre down.

Step Four: For this layer curl one of the #4 petals backwards and the other inwards as shown. Add some adhesive to the centre of the petals and glue your rose bud centre to the flower with the petals curled inwards first and then layer that on top of the flower with the petals curled backwards alternating the petals.

Step Five: For your final layers of your paper flower curl the corners of both sets of #5 petals backwards and pinch them between your fingers to form a “v” shape. Layer your rose onto these two layers alternating the petals.

Step Six: Cut a piece of anglaise lace approximately 12” in length. Using a needle and thread stitch the entire length of your lace along one edge using a running stitch.

Step Seven: Now gather your lace to form a circle and tie the thread in a knot to hold it in place. For some extra vintage flare stick one or two feathers to the centre of your flower using a hot glue gun.

Step Eight: Stick your paper flower rose to the centre of your lace base using a hot glue gun and you’re done.

You now have a perfectly co-ordinated flower ready to add to your vintage style paper crafting project. You can change it up a little by adding some diamond dust to the paper flower for some extra sparkle or possibly use more textured lace to create your base. Whatever your personal style is, the combination of paper and lace will certainly add some visual interest to your project.


  1. Just popped over from scrapbook.com where I saw this Lo posted. Love this flower! Have become a follower and will be checking out your other tuts!

  2. I so love this tutorial and how the flowers are sooo gorgeous. I did a few of them..Thanks so much Wendy for teaching us how to do it. I added my final personalized touch by covering some of them with UTEE and make it look glaze. (embossed) You know embossing is my fav. technique. LoL

  3. This is fabulous!I found your blog by chance when googling the Rose Creation die and am so glad I did.I'm going to follow to see more!

  4. Hi Wendy
    I found your blog post via google images, and am so impressed with the detail of your tutorial.
    Thanks for taking the time to photograph each step. So helpful.