Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Tutorial - Textured Butterflies

I don't know about you but I can never have enough butterflies in my stash. I seem to be drawn to them everywhere I go. I love them on my pattered papers, ribbons and any other embellishment I can find. I'm especially loving all the new metal butterfly accents available. I was browsing through my LSS the other day and found this butterfly stencil which I obviously just had to have. Once I got home I started playing and decided to try something new with my newly aquired stencil

Butterfly stencil
Molding paste
Glitter Glue
Step One: Gather all your supplies together. Place your stencil over a piece of white cardstock. Use some masking tape to hold the stencil in place.
Step Two: Using a palett knife, spread some molding paste over each butterfly image.
Step Three: Once you have covered each image evenly start adding details to each individual butterfly. You can add some gems and pearls to imitate the butterfly body as well as some accents on the wings. For extra details on the butterfly wings there are several options.
Step Four - Option A: Starting from the center or body of the butterfly spread the molding paste outwards in a fan like motion.
Step Four - Option B: Tap your finger up and down on the paste to create these peaks. Once dried this really is a gorgeous textured finish.
Step Four - Option C: Use a toothpick to draw designs on the wings of each butterfly. Remember to always duplicate the designs on each wing. The perfect symetry of the butterfly wings is an important part of their charm.
Step Five: Once the molding paste has completely dried, use some shimmery paint like Creative Inspirations or Shimmerz to paint each butterfly. You can also add some fine glitter at this point if you like.
Step Six: Once the paint has dried, lift the stencil off the cardstock and cut each butterfly out carefully. You can use some Ranger stickles to outline the wings of each butterfly.

You can be playful and paint your butterflies multiple colours or if you favour a more whimsical style then use some soft pastel shades. Adding glass beads to the paste is another great way to create colourful patterns without using paints.


  1. oh awesome! I would have never thought of making butterflies like that! i love the texture of the one where you tap your finger.

  2. What an awesome TUT, thanks for sharing, i TOO love butterflies.

  3. you are the bomb... textured butterflies is just the start the sky is the limit....i love what you do wendy.... if it wasn't almost midnight i would be trying this