Monday, March 5, 2012

Tutorial - Grunging up Darjeeling

 The Petaloo Darjeeling collection is made up of some amazing warm colours and unique styles definitely makes them one of my all-time favourite collections. The flower style and colours already lend themselves to a soft grungy look and with just a little extra help you can transform them into something really grungy, perfect for a masculine project. The technique I'm sharing with you will also help put those box loads of eyelets I'm sure every paper crafter has hidden in the bottom of their stash somewhere to good use.

Darjeeling Flower
Eyelet tool
Metal flower centre
Step One: Select your flower. Ideally you want a flower that has wide petals so that you have a good surface to work on and can add several eyelets to a single petal.

Step Two: Using your eyelet tool punch your holes for your eyelets. You want to punch the holes far enough away from the petal edges that the petals don't tear. Make sure that your holes are spaced wide enough apart so that the eyelets won't overlap when you add them.
Step Three: Now add the eyelets to the petals and close them off at the back. Work carefully when doing this so that you don't tear your petals. You can now ink the petals with some walnut stain distress ink to add a little more definition if you like. I also chose to remove the clay flower centre and replace it with a metal and pearl one.

This is the Layout I used my newly altered grungy flower on.
I chose to use eyelets in the same shade as my flower but these look just as good if you add some brass or copper eyelets. You could also spice it up a bit by colouring your eyelets with some alcohol ink first. Whatever your taste, once you try this I'm confident that eyelets will go right back onto your shopping list.

Here is another layout I did using the Darjeeling collection on to create a Grungy Feminine layout. I did not use the eyelet technique on these but instead coated them with some gel medium which gives the flowers a leathery appearance once it dries. The gel medium also stiffens the petals which makes it easier to manipulate them to create a fuller looking flower.
On this layout, using the Darjeeling collection once again, I added the gel medium to the blue flowers and removed the flower centre it came with and replaced them with some vintage brads. I also used some of the Petaloo Color me crazy flowers on this which I inked brown with some distress ink.

These truly are some of my favourite flowers and I just love that you can add them to regular shabby chic styled layout or you can be a little adventurous and grunge them up a little and then use them against a corrugated board background as I have done with my three layouts for a completely different look.