Monday, July 25, 2011

Tutorial - Vintage has Your Number

While browsing through the hardware store I found yet another treasure. These "mailbox" metal numbers looked like just the perfect item to add a little crafting magic to. Why not take a break from the usual chipboard or sticker numbers and create your own unique numerical embellishment that will serve as more that just a title letter.

Brass number from your local harware store
Espresso and black Alcohol ink
Copper and gold mixatives
3mm organza ribbon
Hot glue gun
Step One: Gather your supplies together. Lay your metal number on your non-stick craft sheet. This is a messy project so it's advisable to work on a craft mat or use something to protect your work surface.
Step Two: Randomly add several drops of the espresso alcohol ink directly to your metal number. Do not use a blending tool or felt pad as this will not provide the best coverage and soak up all the ink.
Step Three: Now add several drops of pitch black alcohol ink to the number. These drops should fall between the espresso drops. While wet, you can't really tell the difference between the colours, but once dry they become more defined.
Step Four: Shake the copper mixative bottle well before use. Add two or three drops to the number. The mixative spreads widely so only a few drops are required.
Step Five: The last of the colours to be added is the gold mixative. Again, just two or three drops are required. The colours will blend into each other while wet, which is exactly what we want.
Step Six: Set your number aside to dry. Because you have quite a thick layer of ink, it may take some time so use your heat gun if you want to speed up the process. You'll notice that the metallic mixatives dry with a matt finish which makes your number appear aged and rusted....perfect!
Step Seven: Turn your number over to the backside. To begin wrapping your ribbon around your number, take your piece of 3mm organza ribbon and glue one end to the back side of the number with your hot glue gun.
Step Eight: Once the glue is dry and the ribbon is secured to the metal, begin wrapping it around the body of your number as shown. Apply a small amount of hot glue intermitedly to secure the ribbon in place.
Step Nine: Continue wrapping the ribbon until your reach the opposite end of your number. Again, use some hot glue to secure the ribbon before you begin wrapping the ribbon in the opposite direction.
Step Ten: Now wrap your ribbon in the opposite direction criss-crossing it. Remember to add some hot glue on the back side intermitedly to keep the ribbon in place.
Step Eleven: Add some roses to the opening allocated for the screws using your hot glue gun.
Step Twelve: Last but not least, what would vintage be without some gorgeous pearls. Add some self adhesive pearls to the areas between the criss-crossed ribbon and you're done.

Don't be afraid to experiment. Because you're using alcohol ink as a colour medium on metal, all you need to completely remove the ink is some blending solution. I first tried using a combination of stonewash blue and clover green ink. I wasn't crazy about the result so I removed the ink and started all over.
You now have a beautiful numerical embellishment perfect to use as part of a title on a layout. Think of all those birthday cards your could make using gorgeously embellished numbers.

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