Thursday, September 29, 2011

Tutorial - Corner Punch Circle border

Border and corner punches have become quite the trend in paper crafting circles, but this trend comes at quite a heavy investment. Here's a quick little trick I learned from one of my scrapping heroes, Lisa Gregory, that will help you get the most out of your corner punches. I used a Martha Stewart corner punch, but this same technique can be used with any detailed corner design punch. This tutorial was featured in the July issue of Scrapbook News and review Magazine

•Cardstock or patterned paper
•Corner punch
Step One: Cut a circle out of your cardstock or patterned paper. It’s very important to remember that you'll lose approximately an inch of diameter when you start punching your circle; factor this in when cutting your circle.
Step Two: Line your punch up in a way that the corner point is lined up with the edge of your circle as shown above, and then punch your first piece out.
Step Three: Now line the punch up that the corner point is again lined up with the circle edge and more importantly that the right hand edge is lined up with the left edge of the previously punched image.
Step Four: Punch the image out. It’s important to make sure you line the punch up carefully to ensure that the design flows easily from one to the next. Lining the corner point up with the circle edge is what determines the shape of the circle.
Step Five: Continue punching your circle by following the steps above.

Step Six: Once you get to the end of your circle, go back and cut away all the extra bits between each punched image. If your last punched image is not evenly spaced like the rest of the circle, then you can hide the imperfection under some embellishments, as I have done on my layout.

This is a fun and easy way to add some interest to your circles. You can also punch out several smaller sized circles using the same punch to use as accents in your design. This technique does take some practice, so try doing it on some scraps before attempting a larger piece to avoid disappointment.

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