Saturday, June 25, 2011

Tutorial - Anglaise Pretties

Anglaise lace is one of my favourite trims. I love the vintage appeal it has and it's so easy to alter the colour using mists which opens the possibilities to use bright colours to make it frilly and playful or colour it with some tea dye ink for the perfect finish to your vintage styled project. I was playing with a left over piece one evening and found myself making these adorable flowers.

Here's what you'll need
Anglaise lace
Needle and thread
Mini paper rose or flower center of your choice

Step One: Cut a 8" piece of anglaise lace (if your lace is wider than 1.8" you may need a longer piece. If you're not sure cut your piece about 10" long and shorten it if necessary. Cut three strips of tulle the same length as your anglaise and about 1.25" wide.

Step Two: Using the mist colour of your choice, mist all three piece of tulle and your piece of anglaise. Set aside to dry for a few minute. I don't suggest trying to speed up the drying process with your heat gun because you risk melting the delicate fabric.

Step Three: I was working on several of these at the same time and somehow I went from photgraphing the lavender one to the aqua marine one half way through my tutorial. My apologies. For this step, you layer all four pieces together with the anglaise at the bottom and then the three layers of tulle over that. Using a simple running stitch, stitch the entire length of lace going through all four layers.

Step Four: When you get to the end, hold each end of the thread and pull to gather your lace together forming a circle as shown above. Tie a knot to keep your flower in place.

Step Five: Seperate and fluff up the tulle like a ballerina tutu.
Step Six: Add your mini paper rose to the centre with some fabric glue. You can mist the paper rose if you like. I chose not to because I like the contrast of the white rose aginst the coloured lace. You're all done!

These will make the perfect embellishment for any girly layout or can even be used on a card. You can make a variety of colours with a single piece of white anglaise lace and some tulle. Be creative and make mix and match some bold colours. Depending on your misting colours these can be adapted to any holiday season too. I'd love to try some orange and black or purple for halloween, wouldn't those be fun.


  1. OMG! These flowers are gorgeous Wendy! Thanks for the tutorial! I need to get me some of this lace now...

  2. These are beautiful!! I have tons of Anglaise lace!!

  3. Beautiful Wendy!!!! I can't wait to make some!