Thursday, July 28, 2011

Tutortial - Adding some Vintage Flare to Hardware Store Bought Hinges

It always amazes me how much we paper crafters are willing to fork out for embellishments that catch our fancy even though we could probably make them ourselves with a little effort at a fraction of the cost. I'm first to admit that I'm a scrapbook shop-a-holic and can't wait to buy the newest and latest of everything. But occasionally I like to make something myself that will be completely unique. Surprisingly, the hardware store is a great source of inspiration for DIY projects. They're filled with hundreds of items just waiting to be magically transformed into something really beautiful. I'd like to share a few tricks on how to add some fabulous vintage flare to an ordinary mini hinge you can pick up at your local hardware store for next to nothing.

Brass mini hinge
Alcohol ink
Clean felt pad
Mini roses
Hot glue gun
Step One: Gather all your supplies together. Open out your set of hinges so they lay flat on your non-stick craft mat
Step Two: Add a combination of Espresso and Rust alcohol ink with a few drops of copper mixative to a clean felt pad. Dab this onto the hinges covering both sides. I suggest that you do not use a blending tool as it makes it difficult to cover all the curved edges. It is easier to used the felt pad as you would a cotton ball.
Step Three: Look through your stash for any mini vintage styled accents that could be added to your hinges. I gathered some mini roses, pearls and brass clasps.
Step Four: If you are going to use your hinge in a way that only one side will be visable then you need only embellish that side. I used two mini roses on each hinge which I attached using my hot glue gun.
Step Five: If you are going to use your hinges in a way that both sides will be visible then have some fun and embellish both sides with a combination of flowers and pearls or any other vintage style trinkets you have on hand.

Vintage brads would also be perfect for these and would eliminate the need to the hot glue gun as you could attach your hinges to your project with the brads. You may want something more playful in mind, in which case use brighter colours and playful accents. I always favour vintage styled embellishments but you can apply the basic idea of the technique to your personal style. These would add an extra special touch to your project and at a cost of less than $1 for my set, you can afford to experiment.


  1. oh my goodness these are just sweet.

  2. Wendy....these are precious girlie!!!! I am with all the latest papers and embellies but it can get expenseive..why not DIY! These are just too stinkin cute!!!!!!