Friday, December 11, 2009

Sharing is caring

This is my 4 year old Erin's favourite saying. Of course she only uses it when she wants some-one to share with her and very rarely does she practice the sentiment in reverse, LOL!
But it got me thinking.....I've been scrapping for just over 2 years now and I have yet to attend any formal classes. Most of the techniques that I have learnt all come from seeing what others have done on their LO's. My favourite source of inspiration is most definitely
I sometimes wish that the artist would give a step by step breakdown of how they accomplished those incredible works of art. Some are kind enough to share their secrets on their own blogs so it got me thinking that I should do the same. In no way do I think I am nearly as talented as most of those ladies but I'd like to share what I have learnt along the way and hopefully teach some-one else out there something new.

I'll be posting any new Lo's I do here with detailed descriptions of all the techniques I have used. This is a first for me so I sincerely hope I manage to accomplish my intended goal. I also think this will encourage me to try do more Lo's than I am doing now. 2009 was a slow scrapping year for me because I had my son Matthew in April and life with a new born is a little crazy as I'm sure a lot of you can relate to so not a lot of scrapping was done but I have set a goal to complete 50 Lo's in 2010 and they'll all be posted here.

Thanks for enjoying the journey with me

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