Monday, April 19, 2010

TUTORIAL ~ Braided vine~

What you need
1. 3 pieces of hemp cord (or alternate) about 1 metre (yard) long each
2. Loose roses/blooms of your choice. If you don't have loose then undo a vine as I did
3. Loose leaves or again undo a vine
4. Mist/stickles to embellish
5. Double sided tape

To start, knot the 3 pieces of cord together on one end and begin braiding. I used 2 pieces of brown and 1 piece green cord in my project. This is what's so great about this, you can colour co-ord to match your LO exactly.

Continue braiding until you reach the required length. For this project I used the full yard length to make the ring.

I undid a vine I got from Kay's fabulous etsy shop (hope you can forgive me Kay). The colour of the roses matched my pp's exactly and I also didn't have any loose leaves in my stash so this vine was perfect for what I needed. I misted the roses with some tattered angel glimmer mist to age the blooms a bit (excuse the background, I use a recycling bag to mist against).

Next, thread your blooms and leaves through the cord at regular intervals. What I did is thread the wire through the cord, wrap it around the braid to secure the bloom and the cut off any excess wire. Here is a close-up of the back of the vine to show how the bloom and leaves were secured.

This is what the finished braided vine looks like. You can add as many or a few blooms and leaves as you choose.

To finish off wrap some double sided tape around the braid just before the knot. Once you've secured the braid with the tape you can cut the knot off to allow the braid to lie smoothly against the page.

I ran some thin doubled sided tape along the back end of the braid and then slowly applied it to the LO. This gave me full control of the braid and shape I needed. There are endless possibilities with this so have fun creating your own unique braided vine. Here's what it looks like on the LO


  1. Absolutely beautiful - great tutorial! I love the braid around the photo!

  2. Thank you so much for this tutorial! I loved seeing your LO today on and I loved the braid! I didn't even know you had put the flowers and leaves directly on the vine!! Great tutorial!! I can't wait to use it!

  3. This is gorgeous Wendy!!! love this page!! the pic is adorable and all the details stunning!! great job!!

  4. Stunning! I luv this tutorial and just bought some hemp from walmart the other night! Defenitely gonna try this..added to my fav tutorial link on my blog!

    Also I have something for you on my blog, please stop by when you get a chance.

    (I posted a comment on this before, but I dont see it here. Sorry If I double post! )

  5. That so beautiful i like your vine!!