Monday, June 6, 2011

Tutorial - Creating a Textured Background using a comb and Gel Medium

For those of you who enjoyed yesterday's tutorial, we're going to step it up a notch today. For this task we were given several tools to select from ranging from forks and gauze to pallet knives and several others. We had to create a textured background using that specific tool and some colour medium. I selected a comb and opted for Perfect Pearls as my colour Medium. If you're not a subscriber to SNR then you need to get over there and sign up because you'll be blown away by what the ladies have come up with using their selected tool.

Gel mediums dry hard which lends itself to infinite possibilities to create textures while the gel is still wet which will then set permanently once the gel dries. For this example I have use an ordinary hair comb to create a textured background on some regular gel medium.

Gather all your supplies together

ATC card
Black acrylic paint
Regular gel medium
Hair comb
Perfect Pearls in several colours
Dusting brush

Step One: Paint your ATC card with some black acrylic paint.

Step Two: Spread a reasonably thick layer of regular gel medium over the entire surface area of the ATC card.

Step Three: Using any regular fine toothed comb, create designs in the gel medium by placing the comb firmly against the paper and dragging it across. The teeth of the comb will etch the design into the gel.

Step Four: Once the gel has completely dried, you can add some colour with various shades of Ranger Perfect Pearls by dusting and blending the colours together. Using a little water in a mini mister, spray the entire surface area to seal the Perfect Pearls.

This textured background can be used for all craft projects such as tags, cards, ATC's, inchies and will look especially good as a background for a scrapbooking layout. Try using several combs with various comb teeth sizes and spacing together to add even more texture and visual interest to your project.

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